LHL International is proud to be celebrating our 50th Anniversary in 2018. From humble beginnings as an Iron Works company that produced iron gates and doors to one of Singapore's leading aluminium and facade fabricator and supplier.


This is the official logo for the 50th anniversary of LHL International Pte Ltd. It is the official logo to celebrate the 50th anniversary of LHL International Pte Ltd in the aluminum and facade industry.

The logo is formed with 3 lively silhouettes of 3 people that represents the managemment, production and clients from LHL International Pte Ltd. The graphics come together to form the numerical ”50” showing them working hand in hand for the past 50 years. It expresses an image of constant progression, teamwork, dedication and unity that forms LHL International Pte Ltd’s strong foundation.

The colors used in the logo represents the essence to LHL International Pte Ltd success and excellence in the industry. Orange, represents passion, excellence and prosperity. Green, represents constant consideration for the environment, dedication and stable growth, and lastly Blue, represents innovation, unity and progression.